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CODIO Photography began as a passion for photography of two people in two totally separate parts of the world.


Charlene grew up in Alberta and Saskatchewan. As a young girl, she always loved and appreciated photography. She was always snapping random shots of things and people, hoping and dreaming about getting a better camera at Christmas. As Charlene's passion for travel and humanitarian aid work grew, so did her passion for photography. Through volunteering and working with children in third world countries, Charlene was able to photograph children all over the world, igniting her love for photography.

With this peace and happiness in her life she realized that the most important things to her are her love for helping all people, especially children and peace, all the while photographing and preserving memories.


Rafael, a native to the Dominican Republic was interested in computers and design from a young age. Family and sports always came first as Rafael was growing up. However, as he got older, his love for computers flourished and he started working in the graphic design industry. Having traveled often to the USA, he was given the opportunity to experience technology at its best. In 1997 after graduating high school, Rafael went on to study computers and then graphic design. His love for graphic design only enhanced his creativity in photography.

In 2006, while Rafael was running his own design company, a professional photographer friend approached him to lease a room. This was the turning point in Rafael's career. He decided to follow his heart and focus on photography, custom photo editing and design.


While Charlene was volunteering at an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, she met Rafael. It was this moment that Charlene’s hopes and dreams went from a passion in to a reality. With both talents united, CODIO Photography was born.

Since 2008, Charlene and Rafael have been professionally photographing local and destination weddings for beautiful couples from all over the world.

"We love photographing weddings together and are thrilled to take part in your special day. Along with our love of photography, babies, children, and family, we are always ready to capture your special moments. We always work together, enjoy it, and are an inseparable team!"